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The Importance of Cleaning Up after Work

We have all been there. We have hired someone to fix an appliance (in my case), or to fix something else in our house and when they finish and leave, they leave something behind. A mess. I know the feeling. We usually tell our kids to clean up after themselves. And they do it, although sometimes fight about it. But the point I am trying to make is that if kids can do it, adults, some so called professionals, should to. Because of that I don’t want my customers to be left with a mess. That is why at BDSG we train our employees to treat your home or business with the care and respect it deserves. Because part of ending the day’s work should always be about cleaning up the job site.


Here are some reasons why keeping the job site clean can improve your business .

1. A Productive & Safe Work Environment

First, the safety of our customers and our employees is a top priority. If you are working and dropping materials and tools someone could trip over them. Imagine that we leave a sharp piece of metal lying around. Someone walking past it could get cut. Or what if you stand on a standing nail? Well, by keeping a clean and clear work area, you can provide a safe one as well.

By keeping a clean work space, you become more focused on the task at hand, freeing yourself of the distractions other messes may bring. It also allows you and other workers to find tools quicker without having to search under and over things to find what they’re looking for.

2. Customer Loyalty & Referrals

Even if a work is in progress, if a customer sees a messy job site, they can’t see the work you’re doing. This is especially true in remodels or additions, where the customer is making a large sacrifice for the work done on their home. If they see a mess spreading into the livable part of their house, they may react poorly. In addition, people often associate cleanliness with quality. If they see a job site that is a mess, they might think less of the quality of work you’re providing.

A clean work space will result in happy customers, who are likely to call you next time they need work done or will be happy to refer you to others. Part of your job is not just the hands-on labor, but providing a great customer experience. Taking a few minutes could result in more leads from referrals.

Our business, so far has been growing thanks to the power of referrals. We are told by clients how happy they are with the quality of our work, our attention to detail, and the way we leave our work site clean and clear.

3. Better Reviews

Customer reviews are valuable. We all probably read reviews online before even calling a contractor. And, a contractor who thoroughly cleans up the job site when the job is complete, is more likely to get a better review. But, as equally important, a clean job site allows the customer to fully see the home improvement. A messy job site will leave the work looking unfinished and leaving a mess behind won’t reflect well on your services.